All On 4 system

The All-on-4 system is the most professional solution available today for patients with complete dental failure on one or both dental arches. In the system developed by the Nobel Group, the artificial denture is fixed with 4 implants, leaving the floor of the mouth free, thus perfectly restoring the feel and appearance of the original denture.

Structure of the All-on-4 system:

For All-on-4 fixed dentures, the posterior implants are implanted obliquely, in front of the neural channel in the case of the mandible and in front of the base of the maxilla in the upper jaw. , no bone replacement surgery is required for implantation, which significantly shortens and facilitates denture replacement. Anterior implants provide additional denture stability, with two of them being implanted in the All-on-4 system, but rarely two additional anterior implants may be required in the case of severely degenerated jaw bone (All-on-6 system). Due to the high mechanical stability of the system, the implants can be loaded immediately, so that a fixed temporary denture can be placed on them immediately.

Advantages of the All-on-4 system:

Prosthetics with the All-on-4 system give the same feeling as the original denture. It doesn’t move, doesn’t need to be administered, doesn’t need to be taken out at night, and there’s no need to use denture adhesive.

Due to the stable and strong bite, the meal can be enjoyed again, as well as the sound formation and the sagging of the lips and face will be restored.

The system leaves the palate completely free, so it does not break it and the surrounding gums and does not cause nausea.

It is attached to only four implants that do not require bone replacement and can be loaded immediately, significantly reducing healing time and tooth loss.

Procedure for All-on-4 dentures:

A thorough condition survey is required to build the All-on-4 system, so a detailed medical history and CT scan will be taken. The main steps of the treatment planned based on these are the following:

Local anesthesia.

An incision in the gums at the intended site of the four implants, exposing the bone surface.

Prepare the desired areas with special bone drills.

Inserting the implants into the holes.

The temporary denture can then be applied and loaded immediately, which is replaced by the final denture after 4-6 months of healing and impression.

Frequently asked Questions

All-on-4 dentures are recommended for all patients who are struggling with a complete lack of teeth and want to restore them with an aesthetic, comfortable and durable solution. Deficiencies affecting both the lower and upper dentures can be filled with the help of the system. Because the system requires the placement of dental implants, the patient must meet the requirements for implantation, with certain chronic conditions, excessive smoking, and under 18 years of age being excluded.

The underlying dental implants are placed under local anesthesia, which is painless. Pain and swelling may occur for a few days after treatment, but this is only temporary and most patients can return to their normal activities the next day or a few days.

We use Nobel Biocare implants and accessories developed specifically for All-on-4 systems during treatment.

With proper implantation, anti-allergenic Nobel Biocare dental implants can last for decades, but in very rare cases, in only 1-2% of cases, rejection may occur. The most common causes of late rejection are poor oral hygiene and smoking, which can contribute to the development of inflammation that causes bone loss. With proper care and oral hygiene habits, the chances of rejection are negligible.

Like your own teeth, the All-on-4 system requires thorough and regular cleaning, as plaque and tartar can build up on dentures, and the pathogens in them can lead to inflammation, periodontal disease and, over time, even loose implants. Regular professional oral hygiene treatment is also recommended to maintain the durability of the implants.

After inserting the four dental implants, a temporary denture can be placed right away, so you don’t have to live with a lack of teeth for months. 4-6 months after implantation, the final denture will be placed at the end of the entire healing period. Like the permanent denture, the temporary denture is secured with loose screws, so unlike cemented dentures, it can be removed easily and without damage, and the final denture can be used immediately.

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