For an optimal treatment result, an initial consultation is necessary, in which we discuss your complaints and wishes, assess your dental status and the condition of your soft and hard tissue and, if necessary, take x-rays. The detailed examination provides an opportunity for early detection of various types of oral cancer (dental cancer screening), as well as other pathological conditions.

Following the examination, we create a treatment plan to determine what interventions are needed to achieve the desired result and what the costs would be. In any case, we strive to offer you the best possible solution. If several treatment options are available, we will inform you in detail about them. Once these suggestions are discussed and agreed, a final treatment plan is developed and followed throughout treatment.

When is a dental consultation required?

A dental consultation is necessary for all patients with new or emerging problems, because without it there is no guarantee that the dental treatment will be effective and optimal. The consultation is also an opportunity for the patient and the dentist to get a clear and predictable idea of ​​the duration and cost of the treatment.

I have no dental problems. Do I need a dental consultation?

During the consultation, not only acute complaints, wishes and treatment options are discussed, but a detailed examination of the oral cavity can also identify problems that are not yet causing any symptoms. These include incipient tooth decay, periodontal disease, certain internal medical problems, and various types of cancer in the mouth. Early detection is very important, so we recommend that you have a dental check-up and consultation at least once a year, even if you don't have any symptoms.

Is a Dental Consultation Painful?

During the consultation, we examine your oral cavity and the condition of your teeth, and if necessary, we also take X-rays. All this will be completely painless for you!

How much does a dental consultation cost?

If the dental consultation is followed by a treatment in our practice, the cost of the consultation is included in the price of the treatment, i.e. it is carried out free of charge. Please inquire about our prices in person or by email.

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